May 302014
Not a Boler – a Beachcomber

The Boler-like trailer seen here is called a Beachcomber. This model must be rare based on how few we’ve stumbled across in our travels, This is only the second we’ve encountered in the many years that we’ve been playing the Boler spotting game – remember in that game we also count non-Bolers that are otherwise […]

May 292014
Prairie Sentinels – Portreeve Saskatchewan

It’s the spring of 2014 and we’re on a grain elevator tour of southwest Saskatchewan. We have a short five days to take in as many of the structures as we can. This stop we’re in Portreeve, exploring the last remaining prairie sentinel in town. This was the third elevator we’d see this trip, but […]

May 272014
Bull Creek Hills

Our first summit of 2014! Yeah! This day’s objective is the Bull Creek Hills, located in the foothills in the southern half of Kananaskis Country. It’s an interesting and not terribly hard climb and along the way you’ll pass through dense woods and hike up grassy open slopes. Once at the top, you can stay […]

May 272014
Trans Canada Boler

While returning from our great spring 2014 Saskatchewan grain elevator tour we spotted this Boler trailer travelling westbound along the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s a 17 foot model, the less common variant of the two that were originally made, the other being smaller, cuter and 13 feet long. This (very wet) Boler was seen near Suffield […]

May 232014
Prairie Sentinels – Prelate Saskatchewan

The elevator seen in this article is located in the tiny community of Prelate Saskatchewan. It’s the second “vator” we explored in the province this trip, and would be one of many we’d see on this glorious five day weekend. It’s located along an active rail line and according to those who own it, the […]

May 222014
Prairie Sentinels – Leader Saskatchewan

The small town of Leader was the first stop in our spring 2014 Saskatchewan grain elevator tour. Located in the southwest corner of the province not terribly far from the Alberta border, it’s home to one traditional wooden prairie sentinel. Under threatening skies we explore and document the building, the first of many we’d visit […]

May 202014
Honey Boler

Spring is here (finally!) and we’ve been spotting a lot more Bolers lately. An example is this “Honey” model seen in Calgary (May 2014), as usual found completely by accident while driving around. The trailer is hitched up to a car and looks ready for the weekend. I am told this model was license built, […]

May 132014
Canadian Pacific Railway then and now – Downtown West End Calgary

In this then and now, we visit the same spot in downtown Calgary twice. We’re along the Canadian Pacific Railway’s east/west mainline, first in 1977 and then again in 2014. In the original image, sent to us by a reader of this blog, we can see the CPR’s transcontinental passenger train heading westbound – this […]

May 122014
Calgary Transit then and now – Elbow Drive part 3

In the first picture it’s 1974 and a Calgary Transit trolley bus travels down Elbow Drive just south of downtown. Forty years later, we return to that location to see what’s changed…and a lot has. The city’s skyline, if it were not for a few buildings connecting the two images, is almost unrecognizable today when […]

May 122014
Bottlehouse Boler

This bright yellow Boler was spotted in traffic, in Calgary, next to the Bottlehouse Pub, under gorgeous blue skies, in May of 2014. It’s the eighth one we’ve documented this year and is the first of two we’d see this day. Now that camping season is finally here, we expect the frequency of Boler sightings […]

May 092014
Prairie Sentinels – Beiseker Alberta (CNR)

The two prairie sentinels seen here are located in Beiseker Alberta and sit alongside the CNR’s north/south Calgary to Edmonton secondary line. As far as these structures go, both are fairly new and modern in design, a relative term, when compared to traditional style elevators. Each of them are still in use too, but neither […]

May 082014
Brokeback Mountain then and now – Childress TX rodeo

In the highly acclaimed production of Brokeback Mountain, Rockyford Alberta doubles as Childress Texas (and a couple other places, but that’s another story). We visit the town’s rodeo grounds, which play an important part in the movie, to see what they look like today. Since the film was released less then a decade ago, in […]

May 062014
Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge - then and now

Come with us as we visit the front range mountains of Alberta to duplicate some scenes from the 1987 TV movie, Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge. Incredibly, we are supposed to believe the setting is Kansas. Really? Kansas? Mountains? What in the world? It doesn’t matter anyway. The location is gorgeous and we’re drawn into it […]