Jun 252014
Moose Jaw SK then and now - Zion United Church

This report we’ll be looking at the Zion United Church in historic downtown Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. The building is just over a century old and is architecturally quite impressive. Stunning and beautiful are but a couple words that could describe it. Still used for services today, it’s in fine shape and looks ready to serve […]

Jun 252014
Millarville Boler

While heading home from an amazing hike in the Sheep River area of Kananaskis (Missinglink Mountain), we spotted this 17 foot Boler trailer near the small community of Millarville Alberta. As with all we come across, we are bound by the rules of the game to stop, turn around and document the sighting. This Boler […]

Jun 192014
Prairie Sentinels – Pennant Saskatchewan

The small town of Pennant is another stop on our spring 2014 grain elevator tour of southwest Saskatchewan. We spend five glorious and wonderfully chaotic days exploring back roads in the area taking in as many “Wheat Kings” as we can in that time. I still haven’t added up just how many we documented, I’d […]

Jun 182014
Champion Park

This adventure we’re at Champion Park, near Okotoks. No doubt if you’ve travelled the #2 highway south of Calgary you’ve seen it. You know the place, the yard with the full size “train set”, located on the east side of the highway? That’s it! We’ve passed by it countless times and have often wondered, what’s […]

Jun 172014
Powderface Ridge

I’ve been told the views from Powderface Ridge are amazing. We’ve heard nothing but good things about the place. So why the in the world did we pick a cloudy day to tackle this trail? Are we crazy? Well maybe…yes, a bit…but that’s another story. We heard that the clouds may break in the afternoon […]

Jun 162014
Dandelion Boler

It’s spring and Boler sightings are sure to be on the rise! Leading off what we hope to be a flurry of Boler-related activity is this cute little green and white trailer, found in Calgary in May 2014, sitting in a field of dandelions (also a sign of spring). I don’t recall ever seeing this […]

Jun 112014
Prairie Sentinels – Battrum Saskatchewan

About the only thing left in Battrum Saskatchewan is the lonely grain elevator that is the subject of this report. A former Saskatchewan Wheat Pool facility, it stands vigil alongside a sleepy railway line as it has for decade after decade. Once a busy place and the economic lifeblood of a community, today everything is […]

Jun 112014
Honourary Boler - Eriba Triton

The tiny trailer seen here, an Eriba Triton, shares little in common with a Boler outside its compact size and cute appearance. I’d say that’s just enough to give it honourary status (see “*” footnote below). Common in Europe, they are not often seen in this part of the world, at least based on our […]

Jun 102014
Old trucks and vehicles – May 2014

All the vehicles seen in this article, numerous old tractors, lots of pickups, a few heavy duty trucks, along with one classic car, were found in the tiny community of Rockyford Alberta. In the mix is a disproportionate number of International Harvester vehicles. Also noteworthy are some Lamborghini tractors (yes, that Lamborghini), along with some […]