Jul 312014
Bridge Hunting - Scotsguard Saskatchewan

In this report we look at one of Saskatchewan’s iconic “bowstring” concrete arch bridges. Beautiful in design, their graceful flowing lines make them a wonderful photographic subject. This one is located near Scotsguard and is almost eighty years old. It once carried the highway over a shallow valley containing a creek and railway, but was […]

Jul 292014
Prairie Sentinels – Hodgeville Saskatchewan

The village of Hodgeville Saskatchewan has two grain elevators. One is a traditional style wood-cribbed “prairie sentinel” – you know the type, at BIGDoer.com we study them all the time – while the other is a more modern concrete structure. Both sit alongside a disused railway line. The rusty track is still in place but […]

Jul 232014
Kart Gardens or Kart World?

Kart Gardens or Kart World? It seems that those who owned this Calgary business weren’t even sure themselves. A sign in front lists BOTH names. No matter I guess. What ever it was called, it’s now closed and the site is quickly falling into disrepair. You’ll hear no screaming kids nor screaming go-karts, no laughter, […]

Jul 222014
Two Bolers, one Ventura

Keeping two 17′ Bolers company is a rather rare beast, the first we’ve ever seen of this make. Boler like in proportions, construction and cuteness but not shape – it’s too square – we are talking about a little trailer called a Ventura. Think of it as a boxy Boler. These were manufactured in Manitoba […]

Jul 212014
Prairie Sentinels – Coderre Saskatchewan

It’s May 2014. Connie and myself are on whirlwind back road tour of southwest Saskatchewan. Our goal this trip was to capture all things old and abandoned. We visited ghost towns, forgotten farms, photographed old bridges, explored old rail lines. And then there were the grain elevators. There are still a fair number of them […]

Jul 162014
Prairie Sentinels – Admiral Saskatchewan

The grain elevator seen here is located in the tiny hamlet of Admiral Saskatchewan. It’s the biggest thing for kilometres around and stands out not only because its unique, it’s the last of it’s kind in town, but also due to its large size and bright orange colour. You can’t miss it! Happily, the building […]

Jul 142014
Amazing Burstall Pass

I’ve said this before: every hiker should visit Burstall Pass at least once in their lifetime. It’s such an amazing place, so beautiful that it’s almost hard to describe. We’ve visited it on multiple occasions and each and every time, it was a joy to experience. Given how stunning it is, I doubt we’ll ever […]

Jul 092014
Bay Island one room school

The Bay Island school sits alone on the bare and open Saskatchewan prairie in the proverbial middle of nowhere. In operation from 1919-1950, it’s the archetypal one room schoolhouse – tiny in size and quaint in appearance, but with an important purpose. Located on a small knoll in area of rolling grasslands, fields and pastures, […]

Jul 092014
Bragg Creek Boler

This little Boler was found in June 2014 very near Bragg Creek Alberta and close to the Kananaskis border. It spotted while we returned from a bike ride in area. I sometimes question the colour choices the Boler company made – brown and white? Not the best combo if you ask me, but I guess […]

Jul 082014
Prairie Sentinels – Mortlach Saskatchewan

Today’s subject is the last grain elevator in Mortlach Saskatchewan. In the town there used to be many such structures and in now there is but one. Overlooking a busy railways line, it’s witness to many passing trains. The logos of both the last and that of the previous owner’s, the latter all faded and […]