Aug 282014
Over the fence Boler

This Boler was found parked in a fenced-in compound in a gritty industrial area of Calgary, in June 2014. We’ve been seeing a lot of these 17 foot models lately, more then we would normally expect. You’ll notice we still use the old imperial system when referring to these trailers. That form of measurement was […]

Aug 272014
River of No Return

If you’ve been following the BIGDoer blog, you have no doubt seen some of our trademark “then and now” posts. For these, we take an old photo, postcard or scene from a film and visit the location seen to document how things look today and then post it all here for you to view. Most […]

Aug 212014
St Joseph's Church Courval SK

In this report we look at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in the tiny community of Courval Saskatchewan. Very photogenic, it is one of a handful of buildings still standing in what is essentially a ghost town, While needing a coat of paint and some other repairs, it’s otherwise in an overall reasonable condition. I don’t […]

Aug 192014
Prairie Sentinels – Eastend Saskatchewan

In May of this year we found ourselves in southwest Saskatchewan. We were on a grain elevator tour, travelling far and wide in search of these fascinating prairie sentinels. In the short five days we had, we explored dozens of these structures and to fanatics like us, each was as exciting and interesting as the […]

Aug 192014
Not a Boler – a Triple E Surfside

Beside the Boler company there are and were many, many other makes of small fiberglass camping trailers. You might recognize the name Trillium which is the most popular brand and in fact there are more of them then any other. We’ve seen hundreds. The Triple E Surfside seen in this report is one of the […]

Aug 182014
Volcano Ridge

Today we hike up Volcano Ridge, a grass-topped hill located in the foothills of Kananaskis west of Turner Valley. In spite of its modest elevation, the views from the top are something amazing! One can see for many kilometres in all directions. Barren grey limestone peaks in the west are in stark contrast with the […]

Aug 142014
Bigfoot and Brutus (from afar)

In this article we’ll be looking at two monster draglines, Bigfoot and Brutus, at the Paintearth Coal Mine in central Alberta. The original plan to was to view them up close – boys, even 49 year old boys, love their big machines and I was eager to document these ones – but when the personal […]

Aug 122014
Picklejar Lakes

There are four Picklejar Lakes, each of them lovely in their own unique way, all nestled in an amazingly picturesque valley. They are a popular destination for both hikers and anglers, and getting there is a relatively easy task. The trail up, for the most part has a moderate grade, save for a couple of […]

Aug 112014
Ogilvie grain elevator Wrentham Alberta

The tiny community of Wrentham Alberta has two grain elevators, but for this report, we will for the most part focus on only one, the former Ogilvie Flour facility. A small but dedicated group, of which this author is now a member, is trying to rescue the endangered building. It’s hoped the historically significant structure […]

Aug 082014
Honourary Boler – K Line Mark

The holiday trailer seen in this report is known as K Line Mark (something) and will never be confused with a Boler. It in no way looks like one, yet at the same time it has many Boler-like qualities. It’s constructed of moulded fibreglass, it’s small in size and has a cute appearance and for […]

Aug 072014
Prairie Mountain

This hike I visit Prairie Mountain solo. It’s a relatively modest sized bump, west of Calgary but still close to the city and it has pretty decent views from the summit. It’s a well used trail, so much so that I’ll only consider it as an objective at certain times of the year when things […]

Aug 012014
Wanda one room school

This report we look at the Wanda one room school located in central Alberta. Despite its small stature, it was big enough to accommodate perhaps a dozen students give or take, it still served a very important purpose. Children in remote farming areas, much like their big city counterparts, needed to be educated and the […]

Aug 012014
Parked Boler

This Boler was found completely by chance, as is often the case. We were driving about Calgary on some business when we caught a brief glimpse out of the corner of out eyes. Parked at a business only the top could be seen from the road, but that’s enough for professional Boler spotters like us. […]