Sep 242014
GMC motorhome

The GMC motorhome, like the example seen in this report which was found right here in Calgary, is a real interesting beast. It’s a futuristic home on wheels built in the 1970s that amazingly looks quite up to date even today. Popular with retro-RV enthusiasts there are a surprising number of them still on the […]

Sep 242014
Cheesy Boler

One often finds Bolers, and trailers of other makes, motorhomes and old cars, parked in warehouse and factory back lots. Employees will often take advantage of available parking spaces at their workplace for this just this purpose. Case in point is the Mozzarella-white Boler seen here, parked in behind the Alberta Cheese Company factory in […]

Sep 232014
Mellow yellow Boler

This 13 foot Boler, the most common type seen, is painted a very pleasant mellow yellow colour. Very nice! Found completely by chance, as is almost always the the case, it was seen while we drove around Calgary on some errands. The date of this find was July 2014. Forgive the hazy appearance of the […]

Sep 182014
Saskatchewan: old vehicles and equipment part 1

If you like old cars, trucks, farm machinery and equipment, Saskatchewan is the place for you. No matter where one travels within its borders, there is always an endless parade of vintage vehicles to be seen, each begging to be photographed and documented. It’s a literal playground for those who like these sorts of things. […]

Sep 112014
Vixen Motorhome

You don’t often think of RVs as being sexy but if there ever was one that fit that description, it’s the Vixen Motorhome. Provocative in both name and appearance, this rare model dates from the mid to late 1980s. We’ve been documenting strange and usual campers, motorhomes and travel trailers for years now and this […]

Sep 092014
Prairie Sentinels – Golden Prairie Saskatchewan

Here’s a rather rare sight these days, a wooden grain elevator, still in use, sitting along a prairie branch line that still sees trains. Twenty years ago this would be nothing unusual, but today, in times of grain company consolidations, mergers and closings and the wholesale abandonment of lightly used railway lines, it’s down right […]

Sep 092014
Canadian Pacific Railway then and now – Lethbridge Alberta Viaduct

The Canadian Pacific Railway’s massive Lethbridge Viaduct, or High Level Bridge as it’s more often called, is over a century old and is a holder of many North American and World records. Most noteworthy, it’s the highest and longest steel railway trestle on the planet. A sight to behold, it’s on such a scale that […]

Sep 082014
Jumpingpound Loop

With both Connie and myself feeling a bit under the weather, we decided that a short n’ easy hike was in order this day. Fitting the bill was Jumpingpound Loop in the Sibbald area of Kananaskis. It’s a not a terribly exciting outing, there are few places where the trail is not in the trees, […]

Sep 082014
Bolers at the Trillium factory

Trillium trailers today are made at Team Trillium Manufacturing in Calgary. At least they were up until very recently – the company has been forced to move and has not yet found a new location. In addition to making “Outback Trilliums” as they are called, they repair all manner of small fibreglass trailers, including of […]