Nov 282014
Prairie Sentinels – Neidpath Saskatchewan

Neidpath is a tiny ghost town on the vast Saskatchewan prairies and is home to a pair of fine looking grain elevators that are the subject of this report. Abandoned for decades, these old structures have seen better days, but it’s that very thing, that they are so run down and weather beaten that makes […]

Nov 272014
Happy Trails High River

Join us for this winter walk as we circle pretty much the entire town of High River on the Happy Trails pathway system. We’ll pass through residential neighbourhoods, one badly damaged by last year’s floods, commercial strips, and one section where no development has taken place at all (yet). We’ll travel beside a river, a […]

Nov 262014
CPR FP7s #1418 and #1424

The two old locomotives discussed in this report, Canadian Pacific Railway #1418 and #1424, once pulled crack passenger trains but today are retired and on display at a riverside park in Medicine Hat Alberta. Their paint is faded and rust is bubbling up here and there, but these fine old engines still impress. They keep […]

Nov 262014
Beer stop

This history exploring can be tiring work. There’s the endless road, it just goes on and on and on; there’s the walking and climbing, the jumping of fences, dust by the dumptruck load, all manner of dangers to think about, bugs and heat, and wind and rain. A person can get down right tuckered out […]

Nov 192014
I want to ride my bicycle...

Besides hiking and climbing up ridges and mountains, and exploring old and abandoned places, Connie and I also bike. Like we don’t have enough hobbies already! This is an activity we don’t feel we do enough of, a situation that we are hoping to change in 2015. We need to hit the dirt more, and […]

Nov 192014
Warner Elevator Row

The title of this this report, “Warner Elevator Row”, as of mid-November, is technically incorrect. Something bad’s happened to the buildings that make up the complex in the town of Warner Alberta, something unexpected, out of the blue and only recent. Yup, they’ve demolished two of the prairie sentinels that make up this unique group, […]

Nov 172014
Notre Dame de Savoie Church

The near century old Notre Dame de Savoie Catholic Church, weather-beaten, abandoned and forgotten, stands at a lonely prairie crossroads. Last used for services some fifty years ago, the building has seen few visitors since then – only the occasional passing coal mine or oilfield worker, farmers or history enthusiasts such as ourselves who seek […]

Nov 172014
Red and white Boler

It’s a summer evening and I’m exploring gritty industrial areas of Calgary in search of trains and anything else of interest. And I’m in looking for Bolers too. Interestingly, we often find them, many over the years in fact, tucked away in the back lots of factories and such. An example of this is the […]

Nov 172014
Moose Jaw River Railway Bridge

This short subject post we check out a rather…well…wonky looking train bridge in the town of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Located along the Southern Rail’s Cooperative former CNR Avonlea Subdivision branch and spanning the Moose Jaw River, the bridge still sees use. Admittedly the dip in the roadbed approach and the resultant ramp once on the […]

Nov 142014
Bassano Railway Station

We’ve visited the former CPR Bassano Alberta Railway Station located in the small town of Beiseker several times before. It’s recently been placed on its foundation after sitting on blocks beside it for some years and we wanted to check this out. We were curious. Why, after a long lull where nothing happened, did it […]

Nov 122014
Glenbow Ranch - Glenbow Trail and The Narrows

This adventure we head to Glenbow Ranch, a nice natural oasis roughly halfway between Calgary and Cochrane, to hike a number of trails within the park (there are many. We’ll trek in an eastbound direction and paralleling the Bow River for the most part, taking in the Glenbow, Yodel Loop and The Narrows trails. Along […]

Nov 112014
The Big Pink Trailer

A short couple years ago we documented the Big Pink Trailer of Barons Alberta, an amazing retro camper that I wished I owned. This RV dates from around 1960 and was made in Ontario. Built of aircraft aluminum, it’s in surprisingly good shape and looks fine even now, especially given it’s age and all. With […]

Nov 112014
Hodgeville SK airport

At one time many towns across the prairies had small community airports, most of which it seems are now closed. Included in that tally is this one in Hodgeville Saskatchewan, the remains of which include a road sign, a cement foundation and one standing structure, presumably the office and control centre (the terminal). That’s all […]

Nov 112014
Pair o' Bolers

A pair o’ Bolers, one of them a 17 foot model, the other 13 foot example, the latter all stripped down and devoid of interior, were found in an alley in the community of Inglewood. The smaller one is clearly being refurbished, something that can be done to these trailers fairly easily I am told. […]