Dec 242014
Prayer Cloths

If you are out exploring mountainous or wooded areas of Alberta and come across strange and curious brightly coloured cloths tied to trees, you have discovered a First Nation’s prayer site. We find these every now and then while out hiking or biking, some in what appears to us to be seemingly odd locations. Of […]

Dec 162014
Maple Creek Saskatchewan grain terminal

We’ve spent so much time focusing on all those old wooden grain elevators that we’ve completely missed something – the huge inland terminals that reflect the current state of the Canadian grain industry and perhaps a new subject matter for this website. Maybe, just maybe, these modern hunks of concrete and steel are worth documenting […]

Dec 152014
CPR local Alix Alberta

While out exploring we take a quick break to document a slow moving local freight traveling along the CPR’s backwater Stettler to Lacombe branch. Three locomotives make short work of their small train, about ten cars long, which was spotted in the central Alberta community of Alix. Heading eastbound it’s just crossed the CNR’s north/south […]

Dec 152014
Lethbridge Boler

This 13 foot Boler was found in an RV/motorhome storage lot in Lethbridge Alberta and appears so awfully tiny and insignificant when compared to all those huge camping trailers that surround it. In our experience it’s relatively rare to find Bolers in these lots as given their small size, and the often frugal nature of […]

Dec 102014
Spruce Meadows Fishbowls and Classics

The world renowned Spruce Meadows equestrian venue operates, via a private contractor, a fleet of guest shuttles, comprised of vintage buses from the 1960s-1990s. These green and white beasts earn their keep taking people to and from parking lots and transit stations to the huge event facility located at the south end of Calgary, for […]

Dec 092014
Barth and Studebaker

The fascinating things we find while out exploring the Alberta plains. Of course there are the ghost towns and abandoned farms, but we also stumble across lots of old, classic and interesting vehicles. Seen here is an odd-couple sharing the same patch of grass between two old wood buildings a Barth tag-axle motorhome, a very […]

Dec 062014
Prairie Sentinels - Woodhouse Alberta - Vandervalk Farm

The subject of this article is a fine old grain elevator found on farm north of Fort MacLeod Alberta. Formerly located in the small community of Woodhouse, not terribly far away, this tall and imposing structure was moved to this current location in the 1970s. We’ve been invited by the owners, the Vandervalk family, to […]

Dec 022014
Crowsnest Pass then and now - Back to God Chapel

If you’ve driven the Crowsnest Highway, also known as Highway #3, through the Crowsnest Pass, you’ve perhaps noticed the “Little Church” in Bellevue on the north side of the road. Or maybe you missed it, it is after all quite small. This is the Back to God Chapel, aka Wayside Chapel, a roadside attraction that […]

Dec 012014
Fort MacLeod Chinese Laundry

Built in the mid-1890s and looking every bit its age, the old wood framed Chinese Laundry building (aka OK Laundry), in Fort MacLeod Alberta is under threat of being torn down. Leaning and sagging, the structure has clearly seen better days. Is it to be saved, or will it soon fall? We’ll keep an eye […]

Dec 012014
New Dayton Boler

This 17 foot Boler was found in the near ghost town of New Dayton Alberta and keeps a 1940s era International Harvester pickup company. The trailer wears a paint scheme that based upon our own rather casual observations seems to be the most common style seen on one of this size. Whereas the 13 foot […]