Feb 272015
Neidpath Saskatchewan

There is not much left in the ghost town of Neidpath Saskatchewan, just a couple empty houses, some crumbling foundations, a tiny church, and off in the distance, two old grain elevators. As abandoned and forgotten places go, it’s not terribly big nor all that showy, but for reasons neither of us can fully explain, […]

Feb 232015
Calgary then and now - Lougheed House

In this then and now post we’ll be checking out Calgary’s historic Lougheed House, a fine looking palatial mansion, over a hundred and twenty years old. The first image is from 1914 and comes from a vintage postcard, the second, taken a century later by the BIGDoer.com crew, shows how it looks today. As you […]

Feb 232015
GMC 470

The fine old truck we’re looking at in this post is a late 40s/early 50s GMC model 470, found in a industrial section of Calgary. This brute is a tractor used to pull trailers and shared the same sheet metal as the smaller GMC pickups of the era. That’s why it might look familiar. It’s […]

Feb 232015

If you want to play pinball in Calgary there are only a few spots where these machines can be found, one of them being the Flames Community Arena in the southwest. Owned and maintained by enthusiasts, they are kept in fine running order. Every now and then old machines are pulled, replaced by new ones. […]

Feb 202015
Empress and Cabana

Making our way down a random street, as we are apt to do, in an industrial section of Calgary, we stumble across an interesting pair of motorhomes not far from each other. Both are pretty darn old, dating from the 1970s or thereabouts, and are known as an Empress and Cabana respectively. Neither is or […]

Feb 172015
Linclon, or is that Ƨeventh?

I’m not sure what’s more interesting, that Lincoln Ave/Seventh Ave NW in Calgary has a century old identity crisis or the rather poor spelling skills that cement workers from era appeared to have back then? What a fun bit of history, a street that one time was named one thing, and then soon after another, […]

Feb 172015
Highway Boler

Most of the time the Bolers we spot are parked, usually where their owners stores them – in such places as alleys, on driveways, in back yards or occasionally RV lots – and rarely do we see them on the road. But every now and them we pass one, sometimes going the other way and […]

Feb 122015

It’s been at least twenty years, if not a great deal more, since we’ve seen a Bonanza Restaurant. Remember that chain, all the rage way back when? You’d pair a steak (typically, since they were known as Bonanza Steakhouses) or some other entree, with an all you could eat salad bar. We thought they went […]

Feb 102015
Calgary then and now - Heritage Park cemetery and NWMP barracks

The then and now photos in this series were shot at Calgary’s Heritage Park. Captured in 1969 and 2014 respectively, they show a cemetery in the foreground and in back, a police barracks. Since nothing is supposed to change here, remember it’s a museum after all, naturally things today are much as they were back […]

Feb 092015
Prairie Sentinels - Nanton Alberta

The Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre, a museum located in Nanton Alberta, showcases the once common prairie sentinel. These buildings, at one time, could be found all across the west – near every town in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, it seemed, had one or more – but today few remain. Included in that short list […]

Feb 052015
The South Face

For some reason, which I probably can’t really explain, I thought it’d be plain and simple fun to dress up in climbing gear in front of a grain elevator, as though one was about to scale it. We’re always studying these buildings as we travel about, and we have the equipment, so why not? Let’s […]