Mar 312015
Black and White Grocery

In the days before 7-11s and Macs, one shopped at local mom and pop owned corner stores located right in your own neighbourhood. They used to be everywhere, a place to pick up a jug of milk and loaf of bread on the way home from work. They were a magnet for kids who’d flock […]

Mar 262015
Little red engines

Sometimes we just sit and watch trains go by. We have a special spot in town were we do this, that we call our own, along a section of public pathway with some grass to sit upon, that parallels the CPR’s mainline just east of the Alyth Yards. The action is usually good here and […]

Mar 262015
Little red caboose

The little red caboose seen in this article is located at the Stettler Alberta museum and can be viewed by anyone visiting that venue. Once owned by Canadian National Railways, it was originally a boxcar built in 1918, so darn near a century ago, that in the 1950s was converted to its present form. Before […]

Mar 262015
Egg on wheels

After looking at this Boler, it’ll be clear why many people refer to them as eggs on wheels, especially so if coloured white, as this example is. You’d lose it in a snowstorm for sure and looks how it blends so well into the featureless sky behind. It was spotted in the neighbourhood of South […]

Mar 252015
Bridge Hunting - St George's Island (12th St SE - Zoo)

Built over a hundred years ago, the rather spindly looking St George’s Island (12th St SE or Zoo Island) bridge still carries traffic, although its future is somewhat up in the air. Crossing the mighty Bow River just east of downtown Calgary, it connects the community of Inglewood, with others in the north via a […]

Mar 202015
Compressor Plant

This report we tour the compressor building at the historic Turner Valley Gas Plant, just south of Calgary. Inside this long cavernous structure is a bank of ancient engines with integral compressors, the size of which are are hard to describe. They’re big, really big…let’s call them behemoths! These were used to pump gaseous petroleum […]

Mar 172015
Big Balls!

The giant globe shaped tanks seen here are known as Horton Spheres and are located at the historic Turner Valley gas plant. Built in the the early 1940s, these “Big Balls” were used to store specialized gaseous products produced at the facility, most notably a World War Two era fuel additive used in fighter planes. […]

Mar 122015
Moose Jaw River bridge

The old road bridge we’re looking at here, located in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, is something close to a hundred years old and is still sees use to this day. Crossing over the placid Moose Jaw River, a winding and rather muddy water course, it’s located inside a city park. That it does not see heavy […]

Mar 122015
Blue Boler

This 13 foot Boler (when built Canada did not use the metric system) was found in southwest Calgary, not terribly far from where were live, on a blustery cold day in early December 2014. You might say it’s feeling a little blue, what with the low temperatures, that blue bottom and similarly coloured tarp covering […]

Mar 092015
Firestone tower

This old fire hydrant and the tall tower seen in behind, emblazoned with the Firestone Company name, are pretty much all that’s left of a tire plant that once operated in Calgary. In production from 1960-1978. the factory lands are for the most part an empty field, siting next to a busy thoroughfare, the tower […]

Mar 062015
Back alley Boler

This cute little 13 foot Boler was found in a back alley – these sort of locations are a absolute goldmine for Boler spotters – in the Calgary community of Ramsay. You’ll notice the trailer and garage almost match in colours. A strange coincidence perhaps? Hmmm. This one was found in November 2014. Boler: A […]