Apr 302015
At the Trillium factory

The company that makes Trilliums today (officially Outback Trailers by Team Trillium of Calgary), also repairs, renovates and fixes up older fiberglass trailers. And it’s not limited to examples bearing the Trillium name, other makes are done as well, including, of course Bolers. Seen here on a warm February 2015 day, waiting for some work, […]

Apr 242015
Turner Valley gave us gas

The Turner Valley Gas Plant was the first in Alberta, the one that started it all, and today is museum you can visit. We join a group of passionate amateur photographers (perhaps some pros too), from the Foothills Camera Club, who’ve arranged a private tour of the complex and invited us to tag along. We […]

Apr 202015
Prairie Sentinels - Stavely Alberta

As traditional style wood-cribbed grain elevators go, this example, located in the small prairie town of Stavely Alberta, is both huge and relatively new. Towering over a very busy highway, this massive “prairie sentinel” is seen by thousands of passing motorists each and every day but I doubt many pay it much mind. Except for […]

Apr 162015

Once the darling of the mining sector, Bre-X Minerals of Calgary was later the subject of one of the largest stock swindles in Canadian history. Born of obscurity, the company quickly rose to great heights before crashing back down – spectacularly. Millions, no billions of dollars were lost on one of the most brazen frauds […]

Apr 092015
Stettler P&H

The old Parrish and Heimbecker (P&H) grain elevator in Stettler Alberta has seen close to a hundred years pass, boy it looks great, and today is a museum you can tour. Located right across the tracks from the Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions (APRE) station, tour trains, some of them steam powered, assure it a steady […]

Apr 092015
Tucked away Boler

One very distinct advantage to owning a Boler, given their small footprint, is that they can be placed nearly anywhere on a person’s property without getting in the way. They can be stored in the back yard or take up little space on the driveway, or one can do like this person did, tucking it […]

Apr 032015
Vulcan elevator row

What a huge difference a couple short decades make. Back in the 1990s when the first photo in this then and now series was captured, Vulcan Alberta had a huge and much celebrated grain elevator row. It was giant – count them – there are five singles and three sets of two (known as twins). […]

Apr 022015
Eight Houses

This is a follow up report to one we did approximately a year ago, where were do a casual survey of all the houses, either lived in, empty or converted to businesses, left in Calgary’s downtown core. There are not many left. We lost one since that last report, and at least one more today […]