May 282015
Shasta Astro

Today’s subject is a wonderful Shasta brand camping trailer found in a Calgary back alley. This retro gem dates from the early half of the 1960s and looks like it came straight out of the Mad Men TV series. Its shape and form, the paint, love that “speed” zig-zag, and those wonderful trailing edge wing […]

May 132015
Back lot Pete

The back lot documented here is home to a small handful of old vehicles, but two are real gems and include a vintage International heavy duty hauler and the star of the show, a classic Peterbilt. Located in a small town in central Alberta, these forgotten relics languish away in the grass in behind a […]

May 092015
Aspen Crossing's new locomotive gets delivered

Aspen Crossing, near the village of Mossleigh and not terribly far from Calgary, is a family friendly fun and entertainment venue, with a campground, a fine restaurant and numerous railway themed attractions (and much more). This group has recently acquired a stretch of track which to run tour trains, a former CPR branch line disused […]

May 062015
Corral 4

Built in 1980 and closed in the late 1990s, the Corral 4 was the very last Drive In Theatre in the Calgary area. Instead of one screen, they had four (hence their name). It was located at the far eastern edge of the city, an area today that is now mostly developed. In total, there […]

May 042015
Bridge Hunting - Rosebud River Valley

Canadian National Railway’s recently abandoned route in the Drumheller area of Alberta is home to around sixty bridges. Yes, that many, amazingly all along a stretch of line perhaps thirty or forty kilometres long (roughly). The track shares the narrow valley with the meandering Rosebud River and is forced to cross it and recross it […]