Jul 212015

This old grain elevator stands alone in a field, battered and beaten, having been abandoned for many decades. We’ve seen a lot of these structures in our travels and this is perhaps the most sorry example yet. But it has this amazing dignity and elegance, even in spite of its decrepit state. It’s sad and […]

Jul 202015
Coleville Saskatchewan Pool "A"

Today we look at the former Pool grain elevator in Coleville Saskatchewan, not a really old building compared to some we’ve documented, but still one of interest. Problem, though, it was raining, very hard at times, and we had the choice to wait it out (but we were short on time), risk getting the camera […]

Jul 172015
Suite 16

When on the road we like accommodations with personality. No five star lodging for us, that’s so terribly boring, not to mention expensive. We’re cheap-ass buggers at heart. Give us a dive motel, hotel, hostel, cabin…whatever…and as long as it’s reasonably clean we’re a happy bunch. We love them and not just for budgetary reasons, […]

Jul 152015
Fullerton Loop

Fullerton Loop is an easy hike. Its close proximity to Calgary, in the rolling foothills west of town, also means it’s well patronized and while not the most scenic outing, much of the time you’re in the trees, it has its moments. The high point of the trip, is well, the high point, where the […]

Jul 152015
A good day for Boler spotting

It was a good day for Boler spotting, four little eggs found in a few block square area of east Inglewood in Calgary, all within minutes of each other. This is a good neighbouhood to find these trailers and we’ve been hanging around it it for years. When we need a Boler fix, we come […]

Jul 142015
Pacific vs Hayes

Pacific and Hayes are arguably two of the most rugged heavy duty makes of work trucks ever produced…PERIOD! Overbuilt and engineered in every way, either could be called upon when the the conditions were not just difficult, but demanding to the extreme. Catering to the logging and mining industries of Western Canada (BC in particular) […]

Jul 102015
Pine Tree Line Radar Dome

Today’s subject takes us back to the paranoia-fueled days of the Cold War, a long abandoned military radar dome installation in Western Saskatchewan. Its purpose was scouring the skies for approaching enemy aircraft and missiles and was one of a large network of similar facilities, operated jointly by the Canadian and US governments, located across […]

Jul 082015
Prairie Sentinels - Tessier Saskatchewan

We’re in Saskatchewan seeking ghost towns and grain elevators and as much adventure as we can handle. Stopping in the tiny community (redundant statement – nearly all Saskatchewan towns, it seems, are such), we find a real treat, a stunning prairie sentinel, all nice and brown, surround by yellow flowers and under lovely blue skies. […]

Jul 072015
Red Rock Coulee

The impressive orange boulders we’ll be documenting in this post date back to prehistoric times and can be found at the very scenic Red Rock Coulee Natural Area near Medicine Hat. Located on the lonely Alberta prairies, these rounded masses are spread out over an area perhaps a few kilometres square. This wondrous natural setting […]

Jul 062015
Netherhill Saskatchewan then and now

Netherhill, a pinhead-sized dot on the map, blink and you’ll miss it kind of place, a mostly forgotten backwater on the great plains of western south-central Saskatchewan. It’s a tiny community, a few blocks square, and a wee bit quaint, as small prairie towns often are. Off the beaten path (a tired old cliche we […]