Oct 292015
Prairie Sentinels – Fiske Saskatchewan

We’re crazy in love with old grain elevators and even though a lot of them have been lost over the last couple decades, Saskatchewan is still home to many. One of these can be found in the in the tiny middle-of-nowhere burg of Fiske, in the western part of the province. It’s a nice one, but of course all of them are.

Oct 272015
Canadian Pacific Railway then and now – Greg McDonnell edition

This railway themed then and now takes us to the East Kootenays of BC. For the first shot we’ve been allowed use of an old photo showing a Canadian Pacific Railway train back in the 1970s. Our goal, find that same spot and shoot something similar, chronicling what’s changed at the scene in the in years since, and what’s not.

Oct 272015
Prairie Sentinels - Olds Alberta

The tallest thing around in any direction, the structure we’ll be discussing here is a fairly late example of a traditional style wood cribbed grain elevator. Located along a busy rail line, it’s not been used for a number of years, having been replaced by newer facility a bit to the north. Come with us as we’re given keys to the gate.

Oct 212015
Green Mountain

A mere bump in the Kananaskis Foothills, beside the Sheep River, west of Turner Valley, is lowly Green Mountain. It’s modest in stature and mostly forested, but the south facing aspect is open allowing great views of rolling hill and ridges and tall barren peaks off in the distance. Getting the is part of the fun and along the way hike along the lip of a spectacular gorge and later take in a picturesque waterfall.

Oct 132015
The Stone House

The very photogenic stone house documented here is quite remote. Located on the vast open plains of Eastern Alberta, a region that’s sparsely populated and always has been, it’s far, far off the beaten path. The nearest road is some distance away, as is civilization of any sorts in general. It’s dead centre the middle of nowheresville.

Oct 082015
Mount Mann

The day’s objective is Mount Mann, a rather modest height, mostly treed ridge, overlooking the Highwood River in the foothills of south Kananaskis. It’s an easy task summiting this big chunk of rock and while the views at the top are limited in some directions, it’s still very much worth the effort. Along the way, explore a series of rocky canyons home to a noisy creek.

Oct 072015
CFS Alsask Dome

Our subject is the very last “Pine Tree Line” radar dome, of many, many dozens that once existed across the nation, whose purpose was to scan the skies for approaching enemy aircraft. Part of CFS Alsask (Saskatchewan), it was one cog in an early warning system, spanning Canada, that dates back to the terrible days of the Cold War.

Oct 052015
Old Iron (SK edition)

All the photos seen below come from our June 2015 foray into west-central Saskatchewan. Odds and ends from that trip, these old vehicles, some going back to the 40s and 50s, some decades newer, were found in an area west of Saskatoon and halfway to the Alberta border. Makers represented include Ford. a number of GM divisions, Internationals, Kenworth, along with rare and strange ones like REO and Hudson.

Oct 012015
Three Lakes Valley

This hike is nothing but fun the whole way and the further in you go the better it gets. There are lakes, many of them, one a gorgeous jade colour, stunning peaks all around, giant boulders and if the timing is right (and it was for us) golden larches in the fall. At the end is a barren rocky basin surrounded by mountains that is incredibly photogenic. This is the Three Lakes Valley trail in Kananaskis and the scenery is simply amazing.