Nov 302015
Trillium Jubilee

Spotted in the tiny community of Bow Island Alberta in the spring of 2015 is this fine looking Trillium Jubilee. While the Trillium make is the most common small fibreglass trailer out there, there are in fact more of them than Bolers, this particular model is super rare. It’s certainly more square-ish than other trailers […]

Nov 262015
Urban Trek - Bow River Loop

Calgary’s Pathway Network is extensive. There are hundreds of kilometres of them heading to and from all corners of the the city. The route we’ll describe here makes good use of some sections, forming a good-sized loop that parallels the Bow River, both coming and going, just east of downtown. It takes in wooded areas […]

Nov 232015
Fort MacLeod - Fort Motel

The Fort Motel in Fort MacLeod Alberta does it old school, offering up vintage motor court style accommodations for road weary travelers. Old-fashioned and dated or wonderfully kitschy, quirky and charming, the choice is yours, it’s a style of motel that’s fast disappearing. We look at this business, first via an old postcard showing it […]

Nov 212015
Upper workings of the St Eugene

Today we get to visit an especially interesting place, the remains of the extensive St Eugene Mine in the East Kootenays of British Columbia. We’ve received special permission to explore all the upper workings, level after level each higher than the last, ascending up and up and up for hundreds and hundreds of metres. It […]

Nov 172015
By Dominion Bridge

The Dominion Bridge Company was once an industrial juggernaut, a giant in the industry with factories all over the country. Not just a maker of bridges, although that was a huge part of their business, their output was all manner of fabricated, forged and cast metal components and machinery for industry and government. The company […]

Nov 172015
Anastasia Lords

Today’s subject we briefly touch on a little known chapter in the province’s history, the life of Anastasia Holoboff (or Holuboff, sometimes Holobova, less common Golubova), aka Anastasia Lords. She was the one time spiritual leader of an little known Alberta based Doukhobor group and is interned near the former village that once bore her […]

Nov 062015
Baby Fishbowl

The General Motors produced New Look, “Fishbowl” to those who know and love them, was the most common transit bus of the 1960s-1980s. There were tens of thousands of them made in the US and Canada and nearly every transit agency, big or small, had some on the roster. Many up until recently. Even today, […]

Nov 052015
McConnell Point

A small bump among a sea of high peaks, McConnell Point offers up some pretty credible views from its rocky summit, despite its modest stature. Seen by many, the busy Trans-Canada Highway passes right below, it doesn’t seem to be a terribly popular objective. That’s changing however. The route we followed takes in well established […]

Nov 042015

This Boler-like and Boler-sized trailer is a rare one, the first of this make we’ve ever seen in fact (we since stumbled across another). It’s called a Carefree and depending on the source was made in Trail BC or the nearby town of Genelle. No matter where, they seem to have been made only in […]

Nov 042015
Mystery Mine

This little hole in the side of a mountain is located near Cranbrook BC. It’s a mine, not a full scale operation but rather test workings to explore the potential of an ore discovery. It’s called a “prospect” and those who worked it way back went would have done as little as possible to evaluate […]