Dec 212015
Sharples P&H

Pretty much all that’s left in Sharples Alberta is an old grain elevator. The location here is a wide shallow valley, scenic, sort of unprairie-like and home to a meandering creek – a nice nice setting! The building is abandoned and while rough-looking and weather worn it has a certain majesty about it. It’s easily […]

Dec 172015
GREX Slot Machine

The strange contraption we’ll be looking at under threatening skies, a GREX “Slot Machine” (officially “SlotMachine”), is for railway track and right of way maintenance. Seen parked between jobs in small town Alberta, on the CPR’s busy Calgary to Edmonton line, the firm that owns the equipment does contract work for various rail carriers, travelling […]

Dec 162015

Here’s a “loud” Boler. This thirteen foot model was spotted on some Calgary side street in May of 2015 (yes, we are behind in posting) and is so bold, so yellow, so glowing and dazzling and bright that it challenges the sun itself. At night, in a snow storm, its golden presence, a beacon, a […]

Dec 142015
A plain old Trillium

Of all the tiny fibreglass trailers, and there are many types of many different makes, the plain old Trillium is by far the most often seen. In production starting the early 1970s and still being made today (in Calgary Alberta), there are a good number on the road at any one time. One a long […]

Dec 082015
Stampede Speedway

The Stampede Speedway didn’t last long and was only in business from 1980-1985. A dirt track, it was once located well away from Calgary, so noise from racing was not a problem. Today, the city is encroaching on the lands and I bet it’s on borrowed time. The general area is an industrial park and […]

Dec 032015
Stranraer SK school

This little school is closed, the community it’s in, a shadow of its former self. This is small town Saskatchewan in the twenty first century. The location is Stranraer, some fifty clicks from Rosetown, the nearest “big’ burg, some hundred and fifty from Saskatoon, the closest city, and about three hundred and eighty thousand from […]

Dec 012015
Ring! Ring! Ring!

We often do work for museum groups. Mostly it’s research related projects or field studies, but every now and then we get to put other skills to work. And you thought all we did was write and photograph – little known fact, we also fix old telephones here, when time permits. The Galt Historic Railway […]