Jan 292016
Bendix Corsair

The Bendix Company, founded in the 1920s and absorbed by a competitor in the early 1980s, was a well known producer of automotive parts, avionics equipment and the like. At one time they also manufactured retail electronics, TVs, Radios and so on. Interesting, during the recreational vehicle boom of the 1970s (and into the 1980s), […]

Jan 292016
Buff Boler

When playing the Boler spotting game, the rules dictate that a player shout out “Boler!”, as loudly as possible I might add, upon seeing one. Them’s the simple rules – well, there’s points for rarity and difficulty, but we won’t go into them here. When travelling with friends, all who play, and by dumb luck […]

Jan 262016
Turntable turned bridge

The CPR’s short Pecten Subdivision runs from the Crowsnest Subdivision mainline, at the town of Brocket Alberta just east of the Crowsnest Pass, south towards a large gas plant, Shell’s Waterton Complex at Pecten. Very near the end of this line, south of Pincher Creek, is train bridge crossing over the highway. Nothing special here? […]

Jan 252016
Mountain Mill United Church

The Mountain Mill United Church is located in a gorgeous pastoral setting, a secluded wooded river valley near the foothills of southwest Alberta, close to the communities of Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass. At just over a century old (built in 1906) the building is still used from time to time for services, special […]

Jan 212016
Your next stop...the Boler Zone!

We actually don’t capture that many Bolers in motion, so finding one on the road is extra special. Most we see are parked, at campgrounds or between outings, stashed away in alleys, back yards and the like. This example, a seventeen foot model, with a rather unique crocheted spare tire cover, was found as we […]

Jan 202016
Crowsnest Pass then and now – Chinook Motel

Today’s then and now subject: the oh-so-charming Chinook Motel, Sentinel Alberta, in the scenic and historic Crowsnest Pass. With Crowsnest Mountain looming overhead, we’ll look at first in the 1960s, by way of an image taken from an old postcard sent to us by a reader, and then again today. You know, to see what’s […]

Jan 152016
By Dominion Bridge

For some strange reason we’re crazy about bridges. Older spans, of course, are the ones we search out the most, but we even find modern examples fascinating. Not everyone shares this strange obsession it seems. Of all the varied subjects covered on the BIGDoer.com website, articles on bridges are the least read. Oh well! We […]

Jan 112016
Herzog MPM Multi-Purpose Machine

This odd looking and brightly coloured rail mounted contraption is a Herzog Railroad Services “MPM” or Multi-Purpose Machine. It’s a specialized piece of equipment hired out under contract to rail carriers across the continent for maintenance of way work, travelling about as the need dictates. Highly adaptable it’s able to do a wide range of […]

Jan 082016
Section House

When one thinks of structures associated with Canadian railways, things like stations or perhaps roundhouses probably come to mind first. They both pretty iconic. There are lots of other types of buildings connected to then however. One that was once very common, yet little known or understood, was the lowly section house, which is our […]

Jan 052016
Crowsnest Pass then and now - Greenhill Hotel

The Greenhill Hotel can be found in Blairmore (well…West Blairmore) Alberta, in the historic Crowsnest Pass, in the southwest corner of the province. The barn-shaped structure has been around for well on ninety plus years. Once a busy watering hole for local coal miners and also accommodation for those visiting the area, today things are […]