Feb 242016
Boler and Canoe

It’s almost a rock solid guarantee that while out exploring we’ll come across a Boler or two. Case in point, the seventeen foot example seen here, along with its attendant canoe, spotted in the community of Didsbury, part way between Calgary and Red Deer, while we searched out an old house we were due to […]

Feb 222016
Fore! No More

Here’s a new genre of abandoned for BIGDoer.com, a disused golf course. It’s the first we’ve ever explored. Located deep inside the city of Calgary, the facility, the Highland Golf Course, recently closed down, the land having been sold and now slated for redevelopment. The former links, the rough, the greens, bunkers, hazards and fairways […]

Feb 172016
Diamond REO

A rare beast indeed, at least in this part of the world and of course based strictly on our own sometimes rather limited experiences, is this Diamond REO dump truck found in the Alberta Badlands. This make came about due to a merger of the REO and Diamond T companies (both founded early 1900s), in […]

Feb 022016
Rowley Alberta then and now - CNR Station

For this then and now we’re in the “almost” ghost town of Rowley Alberta. Home today to a couple people at most, in the past it was a much busier and more populace place. Many of the buildings in town, long vacant, have been lovingly restored. Included in that are three impressive grain elevators, various […]

Feb 012016
Cochrane Pathways Loop

This hike takes one around Cochrane Alberta, making a nice moderate length loop using a series of paved and shale pathways and some city sidewalks. About half the time you’ll be paralleling the scenic Bow River while other sections take the urban-trekker through parks, green spaces and wooded areas, beside train tracks (ooh, now you’re […]