Mar 292016
Banzai Water Slide Park

Calgary is perhaps not the best place for an outdoor water park, what with all the strange and unpredictable weather and rather brief summer season. None the less, one such business operated in the southern half of the city for a time. Presenting: the the Banzai (or Bonzai) Water Park, or rather what little is […]

Mar 242016
Calgary Transit then and now - MacDonald Bridge

Something close to seventy years separate the two images used in this then and now. The theme, one of our favourites for this type of report, and by traffic numbers something similar with our readers, is Calgary Transit or public transit in general. The location is the historic century plus old MacDonald Bridge in […]

Mar 222016
Foran Grade to Windy Point Ridge

Normally done as two short and separate trips, parallel ridges Foran Grade and Windy Point Ridge, in the Sheep River region of Kananaskis, can be combined into a single and longer outing by following our special approach. Neither is that high, they are humble foothills summits after all, but the views from each is pretty […]

Mar 212016
Seven Houses

The third report in what’s turning out to be an ongoing yearly series, it just kinda happened, where we casually catalogue all the houses still standing in downtown Calgary. The count today is seven, down one from the previous year. Some of them are still lived-in, some are now used by businesses as office space, […]

Mar 182016
Spaca Moskalyk Church

Today we’ll take a look at Spaca Moskalyk Ukrainian Catholic Church, impressive, photogenic, with perhaps a uncertain future. Located along a lonely back road on the vast northern Alberta plains, the majestic building is not aging as well and is suffering from some potentially serious structural issues. If these problems are not addressed and the […]

Mar 152016
Medicine Hat Turntable

The large steel structure seen here is a railway turntable. It would be used to turn locomotives around and would be located, often along with a roundhouse, at strategic railway divisional points and most major yards. Typically associated with smoke belching steam locomotives, there used to be hundreds of these scattered across the county. Some […]

Mar 042016
Unfinished Railway Line Calgary

File this under obscure. We’re looking at the roadbed remains of a Canadian Northern Railway branchline that was to break the Canadian Pacific Railway’s monopoly in southern Alberta. Some sections, including this one inside Calgary city limits and being encroached on by development, were built, about 1910-1912, but track was never laid. I doubt many […]