Apr 252016
One corner in Bashaw Alberta

Presenting the almost perfect timeless scene: a vintage truck, former service station and an old school wood grain elevator. Taken not twenty or thirty years ago, but in 2016. One corner in Bashaw Alberta, a small community approximately in the middle of the province, founded about a hundred years ago and visited by us for […]

Apr 252016

Here’s an interesting find in the field of tiny vintage fibreglass camping trailers, a rarely seen model by the name of “Carefree”. Made in the southern British Columbia town of Trail during the mid to late 1970s, or thereabouts, they came in at least a couple sizes, all of them in the thirteen to fifteen […]

Apr 182016
Grand Trunk Pacific Calgary

The berms seen in the photos below are some of the last remnants of the former Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line that once lead into downtown Calgary. Built in the early 1910s, the stretch of track came in from Northern Alberta (near Edmonton), entering the city in the east, before bending back and paralleling the […]

Apr 112016
Mesa Butte

Some call it Square Butte, but to most it’s Mesa Butte. Regardless of name it’s a modest height and easily climbed bump, in the foothills of Kananaskis west of Millarville. Mostly treed, it’s wide open to the south, rewarding hikers with pleasing views of rolling hills and low ridges below it. It’s doable all year […]

Apr 082016
1915 Cement House

Over the years, we’ve explored countless abandoned farm houses. The great majority are constructed of wood, the most common building material for rural dwellings like this, then as now. Occasionally we’ll come across ones of brick, but not terribly often. Very rare, but still seen every now and again, are ones in stone. We’ve seen […]

Apr 042016
Chain-link Boler

What’s that? The hard-to-see but clearly unmistakable outline of a Boler through a chain-link fence and hedges? Yes, it is! This find, one well hidden behind an industrial building, out of view from any road and generally speaking something that would be most difficult to see. Yet, we found it. Chalk another one up for […]

Apr 042016
Needle in a haystack challenge

Here’s another BIGDoer.com needle in a haystack challenge, where our readers send us an old photo showing a street scene with little or no accompanying information, in hopes of stumping us. We’re put the test, our goal to find the exact spot using only our sleuthing skills (and perhaps a little luck) and then shoot […]