Help the Society and the BIGDoer Society operates as a non-profit.

Here’s how we finance things (no particular order)…

  • The sale of photos and articles
  • Commissioned articles
  • Ad revenue from shared articles
  • Government and private grants
  • Society memberships
  • Gifts from our readers
  • Paid research projects
  • Paid writing projects
  • History detective gigs
  • Photo and writing workshops
  • Speaking engagements
  • Historic consulting

Income, every last bit, funds the day to day operation of the society and website with most going into the underwriting of future projects. Team BIGDoer, so Chris & Connie, your hosts, do not take a wage, not a single cent.


Like what we do? Here’s how you can help our little group…

Put us to work doing any of the jobs listed in the list above. Pay on a sliding scale – we’ll make it work. Gratis work for museums, historical groups, benevolent organizations and the like – however help with gas, lodging, meals and out of pocket expenses is appreciated.


Join the society…

Join Up!

You can also send a Paypal or Interac transfer, in the amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100, or $250, to: or 403-863-0851. Contact us if you want to mail in funds. We also barter – try it!

Here’s what you get with “membership”…

One Week, One Month or One Year: Ask us anything, pick our brains, any time, put our skills and resources to work for you or get us to reach out with a turn around time of a day or two maximum. Low rates for research projects and historical work. Get invites to join us on adventures (there may be a small cost).

One Week, One Month or One Year (All Access!): We’re at your disposal, fully, when ever needed, any question, any time, as many as you want, access to all our secrets, get insider information, get a head’s up where we’ll be and get a front of the line chance to join in (there may be a small cost), or get us to reach out. Generally same day turn around. Plus, at request, receive one (paid week), two (paid month) or five photos (paid year), full resolution, that you can print out and hang on your wall, or make a windows wallpaper. Extreme low rates, and sometimes even free rates for research projects and historical work.

All memberships are subject to fair use. We’ll remind you when you’re due to expire. When asking questions – there’s no guarantee you’ll like the answers!

Free memberships are available to those who comment on or share our work a great deal, to anyone who donates, cash or articles, or those who help the society in some way beneficial. Contact us for more information.


Buy a photo! Near any one from this site, your choice, adjusted, optimized and in a larger size, delivered to your inbox that you can then print out or use electronically. Please indicate which photo when paying (describe it, give the file name or the caption below it). Delivery will generally be next working day. A few photos don’t qualify but we’ll let you know if that’s the case and will issue a full refund. Sizes are in pixels. For commercial use or business use, please contact us. We’re here to answer any of your questions.

For Personal Use.


Donate to using Paypal…

You can also send a Paypal or Interac transfer in any amount to: or 403-863-0851. Contact us if you want to mail in a cheque.

You can also donate small “things” too, which we then resell. All help is appreciated.


Hire us for a speaking engagement. Rates? Pass the hat and see what you can come up with. Contact us for more info.


Want to help without an outlay?

It doesn’t take much effort and we sure could use the love. Share our work on Social Media – there’s share buttons with every post – mention us in the share (FB: @BIGDoerOfficial or @ChrisDoering, Twitter: @ChrisBIGDoer) and we’ll give you a public thanks! Like a post, a photo, or comment on your favourite articles – below the pics here on this website or on social media. You can also like our Facebook Page (but only once)…

Finally, give us a five start rating at this page (with comment) if you can… on Facebook.

Bonus: Do any of this and we’ll be happy to chat for a few minutes.


Questions, concerns, praise…

Office: 403-246-4192.
Mobile or Text: 403-863-0851.

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