Dec 282016
Trainspotting style

We call it Trainspotting. There are other names for the pastime, but we like that one best (loath the term “railfanning”). In its simplest form…one grabs a camera, finds a place overlooking some train tracks, snaps away and there you have it! Of course there are those who take it “higher”, foamers as they’re oftentimes […]

Feb 012016
Cochrane Pathways Loop

This hike takes one around Cochrane Alberta, making a nice moderate length loop using a series of paved and shale pathways and some city sidewalks. About half the time you’ll be paralleling the scenic Bow River while other sections take the urban-trekker through parks, green spaces and wooded areas, beside train tracks (ooh, now you’re […]

Nov 052015
McConnell Point

A small bump among a sea of high peaks, McConnell Point offers up some pretty credible views from its rocky summit, despite its modest stature. Seen by many, the busy Trans-Canada Highway passes right below, it doesn’t seem to be a terribly popular objective. That’s changing however. The route we followed takes in well established […]

Sep 302015
Maple leaf Boler

This little Boler is patriotic, wearing the red and white colours of the Canadian flag and adorned with a maple leaf (they were made here after all). This is a 13 foot model, the most common version made. When in production, Canada was still transitioning into the metric system (and is still not done), so […]

Aug 262015
Protection Mountain Mine

This is a “history hike” where we combine two of our favourite obsessions. We’ll climb to a point high up on the flanks of a peak in Banff National Park to visit the Protection Mountain Mine (official: Eldon Showing) an operation that dates back about a hundred years. It’s one of the highest in elevation we’ve ever visited and the views from it are simply amazing.

Aug 062015
Canadian Pacific Railway then and now – Banff Park

We’re deep inside gorgeous Banff National Park armed with an old photo showing a train. Our goal, find the spot where that image was captured – easy enough – and then shot a similar one for inclusion in this BIGDoer “then and now” post. To complete our project we’ll need a train to show, but we won’t have to wait long for that to happen.

Mar 252015
Bridge Hunting - St George's Island (12th St SE - Zoo)

Built over a hundred years ago, the rather spindly looking St George’s Island (12th St SE or Zoo Island) bridge still carries traffic, although its future is somewhat up in the air. Crossing the mighty Bow River just east of downtown Calgary, it connects the community of Inglewood, with others in the north via a […]

Jan 152015
Horseshoe Dam

Just over century old, the Horseshoe Dam (also called the Horseshoe Falls Dam) is located along the Bow River in the foothills west of Calgary. This massive concrete structure was the very first sizable hydroelectric facility in Alberta and to this day continues to supply power for the province’s needs. Seldom seen by the general […]

Nov 122014
Glenbow Ranch - Glenbow Trail and The Narrows

This adventure we head to Glenbow Ranch, a nice natural oasis roughly halfway between Calgary and Cochrane, to hike a number of trails within the park (there are many. We’ll trek in an eastbound direction and paralleling the Bow River for the most part, taking in the Glenbow, Yodel Loop and The Narrows trails. Along […]

Nov 062014
Calgary Pathways - Bow River and Nose Creek loop

Today we hike in town. On a crisp fall morning we head out to walk a loop route with an out and back section, using the Bow River and Nose Creek pathways just east of downtown Calgary. We’ll pass through quiet wooded areas, charming residential neighbourhoods, trendy commercial strips, noisy sections by busy highways and […]

Aug 272014
River of No Return

If you’ve been following the BIGDoer blog, you have no doubt seen some of our trademark “then and now” posts. For these, we take an old photo, postcard or scene from a film and visit the location seen to document how things look today and then post it all here for you to view. Most […]