Jun 282017
Coming Attractions!

To say we have a “couple” articles in the works would be a gross understatement. We’ve been busy exploring and photographing all over the west, at some crazy accelerated pace, Chris & Connie seemingly possessed or something and accumulating a huge number of photos and information for new posts. We’re full of it…energy and passion […]

Feb 092017
Interesting Inglewood

This city hike takes one through Inglewood. It’s a loop route, using residential and side streets, taking in all they have to offer, peace and quiet among them, and specifically avoiding the hectic core or main street of the community. Let’s enjoy stuff in the neighbourhood that’s not so often seen. Many quaint old homes […]

Dec 282016
Trainspotting BIGDoer.com style

We call it Trainspotting. There are other names for the pastime, but we like that one best (loath the term “railfanning”). In its simplest form…one grabs a camera, finds a place overlooking some train tracks, snaps away and there you have it! Of course there are those who take it “higher”, foamers as they’re oftentimes […]

Dec 122016
Waskatenau Trestle

There’s an impressive wood-framed trestle along the abandoned rail line at Waskatenau Alberta. Built of massive beams it’s been here for close to a century and spans a little water course just outside town. The rail’s still in place across it, but it’s been many years since they’ve been polished by the passing of a […]

Nov 232016
Three Bridges

There are three very interesting bridges spanning the mighty Columbia River all a stone’s throw from downtown Trail British Columbia. One is over a hundred years old and not long for this world, it’s going soon, further upstream and under construction is a structure that will replace the former. A bit more upstream yet again […]

Nov 162016
Salmo River Bridge

There’s a series of old wood truss bridges scattered across the back roads and secondary highways of British Columbia. Distinctive in design and framed with massive timber beams, all tied together with metal bolts and rods, they look a bit outdated in today’s modern world, seemingly more fitting for a time when horsepower came from […]

Jul 262016
Bridge Hunting - Waneta British Columbia

The bridges of Waneta British Columbia. One, the elder of the pair, historically far more interesting and oh so photogenic, dates from the 1890s and once carried trains, It’s now used by highway traffic and is the oldest such span in this service in the province. The second, tight beside it, almost touching it in […]

Jul 062016
Empress Subdivision Bridge

Bridges, we love bridges! In fact, we can’t get enough of them! The fine bit of engineering we’ll be looking at today was a mighty one, approaching three quarters of a kilometre in length from end to end (fractions with metric, shame on me). About a century old, it once carried a railway line over […]

Mar 152016
Medicine Hat Turntable

The large steel structure seen here is a railway turntable. It would be used to turn locomotives around and would be located, often along with a roundhouse, at strategic railway divisional points and most major yards. Typically associated with smoke belching steam locomotives, there used to be hundreds of these scattered across the county. Some […]

Jan 262016
Turntable turned bridge

The CPR’s short Pecten Subdivision runs from the Crowsnest Subdivision mainline, at the town of Brocket Alberta just east of the Crowsnest Pass, south towards a large gas plant, Shell’s Waterton Complex at Pecten. Very near the end of this line, south of Pincher Creek, is train bridge crossing over the highway. Nothing special here? […]

Jan 152016
By Dominion Bridge

For some strange reason we’re crazy about bridges. Older spans, of course, are the ones we search out the most, but we even find modern examples fascinating. Not everyone shares this strange obsession it seems. Of all the varied subjects covered on the BIGDoer.com website, articles on bridges are the least read. Oh well! We […]

Nov 172015
By Dominion Bridge

The Dominion Bridge Company was once an industrial juggernaut, a giant in the industry with factories all over the country. Not just a maker of bridges, although that was a huge part of their business, their output was all manner of fabricated, forged and cast metal components and machinery for industry and government. The company […]

May 042015
Bridge Hunting - Rosebud River Valley

Canadian National Railway’s recently abandoned route in the Drumheller area of Alberta is home to around sixty bridges. Yes, that many, amazingly all along a stretch of line perhaps thirty or forty kilometres long (roughly). The track shares the narrow valley with the meandering Rosebud River and is forced to cross it and recross it […]

Mar 252015
Bridge Hunting - St George's Island (12th St SE - Zoo)

Built over a hundred years ago, the rather spindly looking St George’s Island (12th St SE or Zoo Island) bridge still carries traffic, although its future is somewhat up in the air. Crossing the mighty Bow River just east of downtown Calgary, it connects the community of Inglewood, with others in the north via a […]