Aug 212017
Mine Field

It looks like any other pasture or field, something you might expect to see cows or horses living in. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Yet, mostly hidden from view by tall grass, there’s danger underfoot. Scattered here and there, randomly and numbering in the dozens if not more, are collapsed coal mine workings. Every […]

Oct 122016
Hillcrest-Mohawk #5

Time to take in another trademark history hike! This outing takes place in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta, and allows hikers to summit a modest height bump, which we’ll call Hillcrest Mohawk #5 Hill, that long ago was home to an underground coal mining operation. Using old mine roads the going is both easy […]

Aug 092016
Yankee Girl

The history obsessed crew at pays a visit to British Columbia where we’ll explore the remains of the historic Yankee Girl Mine overlooking the tiny community of Ymir. There’s the mine dumps where non-ore bearing material was discarded, some collapsed buildings, bits from a tramway, rails, metal, who knows what, and much more. The […]

May 122016
Draglines and Shovels - Reynolds Alberta Museum

A heavenly place for lovers of vintage metal and machinery, the Reynolds-Alberta Museum is home to today’s subjects, several giant mining shovels and draglines. These humongous beasts are connected historically to various coal mines in the province and date back as far as a hundred years. Impressive at a distance, doubly so (no, a million […]

Nov 212015
Upper workings of the St Eugene

Today we get to visit an especially interesting place, the remains of the extensive St Eugene Mine in the East Kootenays of British Columbia. We’ve received special permission to explore all the upper workings, level after level each higher than the last, ascending up and up and up for hundreds and hundreds of metres. It […]

Nov 042015
Mystery Mine

This little hole in the side of a mountain is located near Cranbrook BC. It’s a mine, not a full scale operation but rather test workings to explore the potential of an ore discovery. It’s called a “prospect” and those who worked it way back went would have done as little as possible to evaluate […]

Sep 152015
South Mist Hills

This adventure we’ll be visiting the South Mist Hills and will summit the most westerly of the trio and the one that’s middle in height. Located in the Highwood River area of Kananaskis these modest-sized mostly grassy topped bumps are not visited as often as Mist Ridge just to the north. They’re very easy to get to however and offer up some very wonderful and inspiring views of their own.

Aug 262015
Protection Mountain Mine

This is a “history hike” where we combine two of our favourite obsessions. We’ll climb to a point high up on the flanks of a peak in Banff National Park to visit the Protection Mountain Mine (official: Eldon Showing) an operation that dates back about a hundred years. It’s one of the highest in elevation we’ve ever visited and the views from it are simply amazing.

Jun 082015
C-Level Cirque

The trail to C-Level Cirque is fairly short and not terribly difficult and takes hikers up the lower flanks of Cascade Mountain in Banff National Park, to a large amphitheatre-like bowl. The views don’t happen to the end, but they’re well worth it. This destination is simply wonderful, and one can look out over the […]

Jan 292015
Small scale coal mines

The coal mines we’ll be exploring here, found near Donalda Alberta, date from the first half of the twentieth century and were two of hundreds of such operations that once existed in the province. Smaller mines in particular, as these are, could be found all over, supplying their local markets, mostly domestic users. Back in […]

Jan 212015
Galt Mine #8

In production from 1934-1957, Galt #8 was the last coal mine in the Lethbridge area. Remains seen today include a head frame, water tower and work shops. Once owned by the CPR, now in private hands, the operation sits right beside the famous Lethbridge Viaduct train bridge, the longest and highest of its type in […]

Jan 072015
The Bluebell

Even though it was a fairly large scale and long lasting operation, surprisingly very little is left from the Bluebell Mine located in Riondel BC. In production, sometimes intermittently, from the mid-1890s all the way to 1972 it was for that time the very cornerstone of the local economy. Now tourism pays the town’s bills. […]

Oct 062014
Greenhill Mine Ridge

The unofficially named Greenhill Mine Ridge or simply Greenhill Ridge, a modest sized bump that was once mined for coal, offers some surprisingly good views from its lowly summit. This hike follows a series of old roads, 4×4 tracks with the occasional bit of bushwhacking thrown in for good measure. Along the trail we pass […]

Oct 022014
Diplomat Mine site

The Diplomat Mine interpretive site is home to two gargantuan mining shovels, built on such a scale that it’s hard to even describe them. Even in person, their size is simply overwhelming. Both are quite old and each toiled away for years at the mine extracting coal and overburden day after day, turning what was […]