Feb 122018
Card Whiz

Apologies dear friends and loyal readers, we’ve been away for a spell. The society suffered a major computer failure a week ago and spent pretty much the entire time since recovering and cleaning up the resultant mess. It was ugly! Reinstall this, reinstall that, pull from archives, configure, setup and tweak. Then rinse and repeat. […]

Jan 292018
Blackfoot Trailer Park

Trailer parks have a bad reputation. If we believe the stereotypes they’re home to hardened criminals with extensive rap sheets, drugged out slackers with bizarre haircuts, boozers and other undesirables. lumped together with the working poor and old folks on limited incomes. It’s one ugly, unfriendly place best given a wide berth. Ask the pizza […]

Dec 122017
Big Yellow Beasts

We’re easily distracted. We’re out on a road trip going where ever (we put a lot of miles behind us as you know), see something we like and have to stop and take a few snaps. It happens all the time, trust me, and is simply the way we function. Pad the schedule cause we […]

Aug 032017
Golden Arrow

In the 1970s pinball was king. You couldn’t swing a dead cat, to use that always chuckle-worthy adage, and not hit one. They were everywhere…your local arcade, back when there was arcades, the corner store, the mall, the neighbourhood watering hole, pool hall, anywhere one could be plopped down. And the people played…oh they played. […]

Jun 232017
A Vicious Cycle...

A Vicious Cycle (or Circle): A situation in which the apparent solution of one problem in a chain of circumstances creates a new problem and increases the difficulty of solving the original problem (thanks a million thefreedictionary.com). That’s what we got here. In this case we’re talking about after dark photography. Simply, we don’t shoot […]

Apr 252017
Pinball Art

Slow down, grab a cup and take in some pinball art. A fun unpretentious post, we present a more detail oriented look at some of the games we’ve documented over the last little while. The photos seen were captured at the same time we shot that “Keeping the Faith” article we did a couple months […]

Dec 282016
Trainspotting BIGDoer.com style

We call it Trainspotting. There are other names for the pastime, but we like that one best (loath the term “railfanning”). In its simplest form…one grabs a camera, finds a place overlooking some train tracks, snaps away and there you have it! Of course there are those who take it “higher”, foamers as they’re oftentimes […]

Jul 172015
Suite 16

When on the road we like accommodations with personality. No five star lodging for us, that’s so terribly boring, not to mention expensive. We’re cheap-ass buggers at heart. Give us a dive motel, hotel, hostel, cabin…whatever…and as long as it’s reasonably clean we’re a happy bunch. We love them and not just for budgetary reasons, […]

Jul 072015
Red Rock Coulee

The impressive orange boulders we’ll be documenting in this post date back to prehistoric times and can be found at the very scenic Red Rock Coulee Natural Area near Medicine Hat. Located on the lonely Alberta prairies, these rounded masses are spread out over an area perhaps a few kilometres square. This wondrous natural setting […]

Jun 052015
Soul Work

Today’s subject matter is a rather interesting one and perhaps a little different from what we normally do. We’ll be visiting the Shaw Cable studios in Calgary to document, behind the scenes, the TV program Soul Work. Hosted by life coaches and spiritual guides Jeni Cousins and Kimberley Buckler, we’ll be a fly on the […]

Jan 282013
Time lapse on a budget

If you’d like to experiment with time lapse photography but don’t want to invest a lot of money into it you might want to consider the home-brew rig described here. It’s proven, simple, dirt cheap and produces pretty respectable results. The parts needed can be purchased cheaply online, in a pawn shop or second hand […]

Nov 162012
12 tips for shooting old vehicles - by Sharpeshots.com

Old and abandoned farm vehicles are a magnet to photographers, professional and amateur alike. Often found at the edge of a field or by an ancient barn, they tell a story, sometimes a sad one, that begs to be explored and captured. By using these twelve useful tips anyone can ensure themselves the best results […]

Aug 222012
A cool time lapse

Here’s a fun little time lapse we did. We took this on a special rig, a hacked Canon “A’ series camera with a special interval program running. Duration between shots for this time lapse was about once every thirty seconds. The interval script allows you to shoot as often as once every quarter second, to […]