Oct 312017
Old Jack's

It’s a frigid and blustery weekend, April 2017. There’s this biting cold, a constant numbness. We’re here on on the plains of Saskatchewan, north of this little town, west of that one, a place sparsely populated, fields stretching off to the horizon in every direction. All around, the trying conditions, the wind, the snow, this […]

Sep 182017
The Trains Here, Do They Fly

This silly little post, number one thousand and change at BIGDoer.com contains some random photos, simple captured moments from a busy weekend in June. Nothing more. For our enjoyment and for yours, hopefully, the passing things, big and little that grabbed our attention while out of town on assignment. Between the bigger stuff, take in […]

Jun 162016
Case Steam Tractor

A metal leviathan, this steam tractor was built close to a hundred years ago. Today it resides at Pioneer Acres Museum in Irricana Alberta where on occasion it’s fired-up, transforming it into a fire-breathing, steam hissing, smoke belching monster put to work entertaining visitors to the venue. At rest on our visit, we take some […]

Sep 182014
Saskatchewan: old vehicles and equipment part 1

If you like old cars, trucks, farm machinery and equipment, Saskatchewan is the place for you. No matter where one travels within its borders, there is always an endless parade of vintage vehicles to be seen, each begging to be photographed and documented. It’s a literal playground for those who like these sorts of things. […]

Jun 102014
Old trucks and vehicles – May 2014

All the vehicles seen in this article, numerous old tractors, lots of pickups, a few heavy duty trucks, along with one classic car, were found in the tiny community of Rockyford Alberta. In the mix is a disproportionate number of International Harvester vehicles. Also noteworthy are some Lamborghini tractors (yes, that Lamborghini), along with some […]

Oct 162012
Old road and construction machinery Pioneer Acres Museum Irricana

One day is hardly enough time to explore the Pioneer Acres Museum in Irricana Alberta. There are many exhibits for all to enjoy, but of particular interest to guys is the extensive collection of trucks, tractors and other pieces of machinery. It’s just mind boggling how much they have, some pieces restored and some not. […]