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Journal of the Society, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Presented by Chris “BIGDoer” Doering & Connie Biggart.

Team BIGDoer
Your hosts, Chris & Connie.
Come with us and discover!

Team’s mandate: to document historic sites and things before they’re gone; to experience life in a crazy way, to play in the great outdoors, to observe, learn and share the experience with others. We are the curious. We hope you are too.

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They’re saying…

“Incredible talent here! Photography and writing blended together into a wonderful cocktail” – Gerry Pocha, Photographer.
“Chris & Connie? One word: influential!” – John Sharpe, Photographer.
“BIGDoer is as much a treasure as the historic sites they document.” – Francine Harris
“I am impressed and amazed by the meticulous attention to detail demonstrated by the BIGDoer team. Beforehand there is a commitment to contacting the stakeholders, gaining their confidence, and getting permission to explore some of these remarkable locations. Afterwards there is a dedication to fully researching the subject and obtaining as much valid and important information as possible. This combined with the very well thought out and presented articles makes these posts most entertaining and interesting to read. Some great photographs always accompany the written work as well. I’ve enjoyed getting out exploring with the BIGDoer team on several occasions now and continue to marvel at their approach. Keep up the great work!” – Robert Pohl, Photographer.
“Chris and Connie have a unique way of documenting the places they visit, not copying the style or technique of others, but making it their own.” Alex Craig, Producer.
“The strange ability to make even the ordinary seem interesting.” Avenue Magazine

Our stuff’s seen far and wide, all over the internet, in print and on TV…

Pronounced big-door; a compound (or portmanteau) word arrived from the names Connie BIGgart and Chris DOERing. Now you know!

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This website is an ongoing work in progress. There are regular updates in the form of new articles, and revisions and corrections (yes, we mess-up) to old ones. Of course, we always welcome input from our readers.

Images and content are copyright Chris Doering & Connie Biggart and, unless otherwise noted. Sharing our work is encouraged, as long as credit is given.


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